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Fast ns-2 simulator

The fast ns-2 simulator is the modification of a popular network simulator (ns-2). Fast ns-2 is developed at the Laboratory for Software Technology at ETH Zürich to enable simulation of large scale ad hoc wireless networks. Release ns-2.27 includes our changes!

Realistic Vehicular Traces

Here we describe a new source of realistic mobility traces for simulation of inter-vehicle networks. These traces are obtained from a multi-agent microscopic traffic simulator (MMTS) that was developed by K. Nagel (at ETH Zurich, now at the Technical University in Berlin, Germany). This simulator is capable to simulating public and private traffic over real regional road maps of Switzerland with a high level of realism. 

IvyNet: Platform for Experimental Wireless Network Research

IvyNet is a miniaturised 802.11-based multi-hop wireless network testbed that is  developed for controllable wireless testing and evaluation of wireless protocols and applications. IvyNet requires only a small space and allows users to set up a multi-hop wireless network with minimal effort. 

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